Erving Goffman

by B. Diane Blackwood
Article "made for hire" for Magill's Guide to 20th Century Authors (1997) Salem Press, Pasadena, CA.

Jason Ditton, The View From Goffman, 1980, edits a group of critical essays on Goffman's contributions to sociology and includes a bibliography of Goffman's work through that year. Paul Drew and Anthony Wootton, editors of Erving Goffman: Exploring the Interaction Order, 1988, have collected essays exploring Goffman's "contribution to the study of forms of human association." Erving Goffman, 1992, by Tom Burns, is not a biography of Goffman's life, but a sociological examination of his work.  This book also contains a bibliographic listing of Goffman's books.  Randall Collins edits and introduces essays in Four Sociological Traditions: Selected Reading, 1994, which reprints parts of two of Erving Goffman's essays, 'The Nature of Deference and Demeanor', (1956), and 'Frame Analysis' while explaining that Goffman moved from the tradition of anthropological type sociological study to the micro-sociological perspective of the interactionist tradition. All adequately comprehensive introductory sociological texts mention Goffman's work, placing him in the symbolic interactionist paradigm of sociological thought; see for example James M. Henslin's Introducing Sociology, 1975; or David B. Brinkerhoff and Lynn K. White, Sociology, 1991. Contemporary Authors, Vol. 9, 1995, 210-211, contains a short biographical sketch and a listing of magazine articles of critical review of Goffman's work and Vol. 108, 1995, 182, contains an obituary.  Obituaries appear in the New York Times, November 22, 1982 and Time, December 6, 1982.

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