Poem – Laments of a Latter Day Housewife

This is an old poem I wrote many years ago that speaks to the way I am feeling today – a bit disenfranchised.


A womans work is never done











My neural-integrated hologram is totally out of synch.

     My brand new helioplane is starting to clink,

   And the housekeep control panel is always on the blink.

Oh holy Networks, what is a kitchen sink?



My skin-graft pantyhose are starting to shed.

                           My battery operated contact lenses repeatedly go dead,

And my electrostatic hairdo keeps flying off my head.

   Oh holy Networks, I’d better call tech-med!

———————————————— star

My null-grav apartment just rezoned itself condo.

       The front yard force-field won’t reverse its flow,

And the local psycho-tech says I’m below statis-quo.

Oh holy Networks, my nutrient yeast won’t grow.

 *  *  *

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