To All Ye Good People – 2016

Bob and Diane at Berghoff

Diane and Bob at The Berghoff’s Restaurant in Chicago -early Dec 2016

Dear Family, Friends and People of Good Cheer,

The Year of Our Lord 2016 was a year of good news and the absence of any car accidents, major illnesses and physical assaults (except by a scrape from Strider cat on me).  My daughter, Monica, and her husband, Tom, are happy in their home in the Southside of Chicago.  My Cubs won the World Series.  Uh-rah!

Christmas Tree 2016

Our small indoor Christmas tree decorated with select memory ornaments from over 60 years of Diane’s collection. Arrow points to the Mercedes convertible – Nick chewed off the wheels when he was two.

I’m still reviewing films for The Columbia River Reader every month.  I really enjoyed David Mackenzie’s “Hell or High Water” with Jeff Bridges.  Otherwise, films have been remarkably mediocre to bad, including “Rogue One” which looks like a collection of outtakes from the first “Star Wars” flick.

I have a cpap machine, and except for muttering obscenities occasionally at 1:00, 2:00, 3:00 and other times in the morning, it has worked for me on most days.

I have love in my heart for Diane and a card to Snap Fitness health club to keep it pumping away.

Diane was laid-off in August due to insufficient work in the pipeline (not the first time in her career).  So now she is looking for independent contracts or a new fulltime gig.  I love having her at home, but cannot afford her travel plans unless she is able to help pay for them.

The nicho by the entry transformed into a Christmas diarama.

Love and kisses to the ladies; best wishes to all ye good fellows (not the characters from the film of the same name) and fair damsels,

Bob & Diane Blackwood

Albuquerque, NM 87120

Christmas Kiva Fireplace

Our living room kiva fireplace inundated with Christmas decorations.

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