Bob and a Klingon discuss his film reviews.
Film Reviews
by Dr. Bob Blackwood
 These articles appeared in the Near North News, Chicago through 2000

Current reviews appeared in the Columbia River Reader

Blackwood on Watching Flicks:

I’ve been spending money at the movies every week since I was eight.  I moved to Albuquerque from Chicago for three reasons: milder weather, a laid-back metro population of about 850,000, and the third largest number of movie theater seats per capita in the USA.  (I understand there is now a new 12-screen Regal Cinema at Three Rivers Mall, great!)  Most of the time, I go to the 16-screen Regal at the Cottonwood Mall in north Albuquerque.  It is very clean, and the staff is bright.  I also go to the very small Guild Theater for independent and foreign films.

When do I see films?  Usually, they have premiers on Thursday for films just being released.  You pay the same, but the audiences are usually much smaller than the Friday or Saturday night crowds. 

If I go during the week-end proper, I attend the earliest screenings possible.  If it is a “youth-oriented” flick, I see it at a Thursday premier. I have difficulties with a large crowd of young folks, a few of whom think the movies are a TV experience meriting undue comments.  OK, I whisper to my wife at times, but not loudly; I mostly scribble in my notebook.

What else should you do to keep abreast of what’s happening in the movies?  Get a cheap subscription to Entertainment Weekly.  Check out the photos; read the interviews with actors and directors.  Then, you can become a film critic in your circle.

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