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B. Diane Blackwood


 My Accomplishments Include:

        Bringing the financial statements package from manual downloads in Excel to a fully automated process, intranet web-enabled and automatically emailed to the Finance Committee.  This includes seven reports in all, including the Balance Sheet, Cash Flow, Income Statement, Activities Analysis and Expense Analysis reports by firm and individual office. This data comes from our financial system running in Rippe & Kingston LMS software on an iSeries 720 (midrange IBM computer). 

        I have realized the Chief Financial Officer’s vision of a Management Dashboard opening with four quadrants representing: Financial Position, Time & Billing, Key Operating Metrics and Billable Hours and leading to detailed information. I even created the graphics for the top banner.  This runs using GEAC Decision application server to deliver Java applet views of Microsoft Analysis Services (OLAP) cubes through Microsoft Internet Information Services. To ease web enablement of the Key Operating Metrics target data, I used a Microsoft Access interface to update a SQL Server 2000 table that is then pulled back directly to the web. I administered security through a combination of access to the web server and cube roles on the Analysis Server for both the Management Dashboard and the Budgeting web sites.



For the first time in a number of years, due to my budgeting automation, the budget has been prepared on time for the new fiscal year. Budget collection in Excel spreadsheets that must be manually consolidated was a problem for Kirkland & Ellis LLP.  I implemented a GEAC MPC web-based collection and consolidation system based on Microsoft Analysis Services. Then, during the off-season, I upgraded the software from 4.5 to 6.0 to include currency conversion and individual Excel interfaces allowing data submission back to Analysis Services.  I was responsible for designing the data collection structure based on our current general ledger coding and testing the upgrade before rolling out the budgeting interface to budget holders. 

        Two other manual processes that I automated during this time period were the Daily Activity and Monthly Activity reports. I created daily and monthly timed jobs to update the data in the iSeries data warehouse that I implemented and manage for delivery of financial analytics.  The updated fact tables are then processed into Analysis Services cubes and appear on the web.  Now, instead of running a query, updating an Excel spreadsheet, printing and making photocopies for delivery to the Finance Committee, the administrative assistant responsible emails a link to the web page where the daily activity data is displayed.  

        Automated the daily transmission of Corporate Express supply orders from PurchasingNet-SQL (Microsoft SQL Server-based purchase order creation software).

        Automated the data transfers from the Pitney Bowes Ascent software (running in Fox Pro) to the iSeries financial system for rebilling to clients.

        Integrated a SharePoint team services web site into the Management Dashboard web site for paperless delivery of the Personnel Level Reports.