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Science Fiction Conventions and Costuming

Bob discusses Shakespeare with a Klingon

The Film Doctors: Dr. Bob Blackwood and Dr. John Flynn on and panel about writing at Dragoncon 2010

Diane in her "Gossamer" costume -- the mad scientist monster that chases Bugs Bunny

Bob in his dread pirate Roberts costume at a friend's Halloween party.  

Worldcon 2006 - The dread pirate Roberts in full regalia and a bar wench

Dr. John Flynn at the Regency Dance - Worldcon 2006

Phyllis and Alex Eisenstein have a discussion with Gossamer at Windycon 2009

Diane and Bob present their Oscar picks for 2008 at Wright College

Inez in her Japanese Anime costume for Dragoncon 2009

The Film Doctors on a panel at Dragoncon 2009 - Bob dressed as Jurrasic Park's John Hammond

Diane as Galadriel and Bob as Gandolph the grey at Dragoncon 2009

Film Panel at Dragoncon 2010 - John, Bob and Matt

Dragoncon parade 2010 - John Flynn as Indiana Jones 

Film Panel at Capricon 2011


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